Automate Collection Reporting. Redefine the Art of Insurance.

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Spend less time on data and more time on insights!

The Intelligent Artworks Management And Reporting Tool (iamART) is available exclusively through insurance brokers.

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General benefits

Transform overwhelming data into actionable insights. Elevate your potential.

iamART makes sense of the large amount of unstructured data to streamline the servicing of insurance policies.

Reduce tedious and time-consuming tasks to a few clicks:

  • Automation of collection reporting tasks.
  • Reporting reminders, ensuring data is accurate and up to date.
  • Secured information exchange.
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Insurance broker section

Insurance Brokers

Simplify. Enhance. Elevate


Save time and money by onboarding your clients on the iamART platform.


Gain insights on your insurance portfolio and enhance your policy management.


Access audit reports with immutable datapoints simplifying the claim settlement process.

Join our network of insurance brokers that have embraced iamART, transforming their workflow and elevating their service!

Collector section


Take control of your art collection

Artwork management

Professional grade. Easy to use. Simplified reporting. Your platform.


Track. Access. Compare. Your collection value at the fingertip.

Privacy by design

Secure. Encrypted. Never shared. Your data is exclusively yours.

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Appraisers section


Coming Soon

As we roll out iamART to insurance brokers, we want to know how we can help you increase your efficiency and grow your business.

Artwork appraisal is an intrinsic part of the insurance process. iamART will streamline this process for insurance brokers, collectors, and appraisers.

Partner with us as we build a solution for appraisers

Aspects iamART can help you with:

Access to reliable provenance

Increase your visibility with collectors and insurance brokers

Artwork information packaged for your mandates

Unlock the full potential of iamART and elevate your art management, appraisal, and insurance processes.

Discover how our platform can simplify your workflow, enhance collaboration, and provide comprehensive insights. Request a personalised demo to see firsthand how iamART can transform your art collection experience.

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About section

Our Manifesto

The iamART platform is powered by Authentic Art, a digital registry for works of art using private blockchain technology to provide reliable, trustworthy and immutable records.

Our core values are that art makes the world better, transparency makes markets more dynamic, and that users own their data.

We are developing something fantastic for insurance brokers, fine art appraisers and art collectors.

We would love to hear from you.

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